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13 2017-07
The zkenergy in the energy industry "and" photovoltaic micro inverter "component level power" standar...

By July 11, 2017, Chinese appliance industry association, Beijing put forward by the Certification Center (CGC) grid connected photovoltaic micro inverter technology requirements and test methods for led the development of the "" (energy 201...

18 2018-01
The first safety knowledge contest held zkenergy

In July 3, 2017, zkenergy held safety knowledge contest with "the full implementation of safe production responsibility theme" as the theme of the enterprise. June is the national safety month. The company leaders attach great importance to ...

08 2016-11
Hengdong Henglian Distributed Energy Demonstration Base Project Housing Construction Project - Tender...

Zhongke Hengyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (Tender), the construction of the value of the East Henglian distributed energy demonstration base project construction projects, open tender for the community, welcomed the potential bidders to bid.

14 2015-04
National preselection subcontractor notice

As the company's development needs, I am now Secretary for the country to recruit outstanding subcontractors or strategic partners, welcomed the interested parties to participate actively.

20 2017-01
Golden Chicken Dance in the dream of the Branch - Zhong Ke Hengyuan 2017 welcome party bright end

东方夏威夷网址 Tempered in front of the Branch dream, did not forget the beginning to build brilliant. January 19 19:30, to "Golden Rooster Dance Choi dream in the Branch" as the theme of the Division Hengyuan 2016 New Year Gala, held in Changsha Sheraton ...

03 2016-11
Zhongheng Hengyuan won the double PV brand award

2016 "'Polaris Cup' Top Ten PV brand selection ceremony 'awards ceremony November 1 in Beijing Ai Wei Ke Hotel was held, more than 100 enterprises nearly 500 guests attended the scene. Zhongke Hengyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refer...

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